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5.9.13:: Examined Lives: My Sarcoma, the story of a tumor told with art
This is the story of a Cancer Connection I never hoped to make and also the one that has brought me the most joy.

1.5.13:: Commissioned painting for University of Cincinnati 
"In the Book", 1990, by artist Ray Paul. This painting is a portrait of the late Paul Erd?s.:

9.15.12 :: Artist Marketing Resources
Announcement from Artist Marketing Resources: Our 2nd Group Show in the Exhibbit Virtual 3D Gallery is now live and viewable!:

9.18.11 :: New YouTube video
Check out my new YouTube Video for the guitar collection:

7.31.11 :: Itinerant
The "Contemporary International Art IV" Exhibit, Museum of the Americas at its closing in Miami will be moved to Argentina.

In Argentina, it will become an ITINERANT Exhibit to be shown as follows:

September 2 to August 2. 11
Ideal , Provincial Cultural Centre, Venado Tuerto , Santa Fe

November  5 - 30. 11:
Barak-art Exhibition Salon, Rosario, Sante Fe

January 14 - February 18. 12:
International Art Fair, Mar del Sur, Buenos Aires

March 3 – 24. 2012 
International Art Fair, Miramar, Buenos Aires 

7.30.11 :: ARTslant
Juried Showcase: Great new work by Ray Paul, who was selected by the curatorial team to be featured as one of the "artists to watch."

7.30.11 :: 19 KAREN
Contemporary Artspace

Ray Paul  has a piece of work in the ‘Contemporary International Art IV’ exhibition.

7.9.11 :: IV International
Contemporary Art

Ray Paul has been recognized by the Museum of the Americas as a participant.

7.8.11 :: Contemporary
International Art IV

Exhibition at the Museum of the Americas, Miami, FL.

6.14.06 :: Weekly Planet
Article on Ray Paul's "15 Years and Still Vertical" exhibit. 15 Years and Still Vertical proclaims the title of painter Ray Paul's latest exhibit.

Book Artwork
Artwork on text book: Fundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms.

Book Artwork
Artwork on text book: Algorithms: Sequential, Parallel, and Distributed

Book Artwork
Artwork on text book: Expert Systems: Principles and Programming, Fourth Edition

Tampa Mural
The following are some selected portions of a 220ft long mural that Ray has painted for the outside of the 12th Street Park Skating Facility in Tampa, Florida.

















RAY PAUL ©2008